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Day: 22 January 2012

Inforrm Blog – Happy Second Birthday

Today is the second birthday of the Inforrm blog – which began operation on 22 January 2010.   Our first post “Welcome to Inforrm” attracted 2 visitors in January 2010 and the site had a total of 7 pages views that month.  That was the only post for the month.  The posting rate and visitor numbers have increased dramatically since the early days.  In our first two years we have had a total of 980 posts and 800,000 page views.  We have an established readership all round the world. Continue reading

News: Leveson Inquiry, Week 7 – Times, Guardian, Ian Hislop, magazine and regional editors – Natalie Peck

In Week 7 of the Leveson Inquiry, Lord Justice Leveson continued to hear evidence from editors and executives of the press. Editors of the “Times”, the “Sunday Times”, and the “Guardian” took to the stand, along with those from “Hello!”, “OK!” and “Heat” magazines. The inquiry also heard from regional and nations editors from across Britain.  The most entertaining evidence of the week was perhaps that given by Ian Hislop, editor of “Private Eye”. Continue reading

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