Case Law: Law Society v Kordowski, “Solicitors from Hell” shut down – Eddie Craven

20 12 2011

The ‘Solicitors From Hell’ website has been a notorious thorn in the side of the legal profession since its inception in 2005. Despite a slew of libel actions against its founder, Rick Kordowski, the website continued to publicly vilify hundreds of solicitors and law firms. However on 15 November 2011 Mr Justice Tugendhat granted an injunction permanently closing down the website (see our post here).

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Privacy – The “New Methodology”, Part 2 – Sir David Eady

20 12 2011

The full implications of this new methodology present themselves most acutely when the court is asked to grant an order preventing publication.  That is a remedy of greater significance in the context of protecting personal or private information than used to be the case in defamation. Read the rest of this entry »