Another petty act of press intimidation – Brian Cathcart

25 11 2011

A few days ago something happened which we in Hacked Off had been hoping to arrange for many months. For the first time, a large group of people who have been victims of press abuses met informally in central London and were able to offer each other support. Read the rest of this entry »

Public Inquiry by tweet – Part 2 – “Woman on the left” – Judith Townend

25 11 2011

Discussing the woman on the left” started as a bit of fun for Twitterers watching Hugh Grant’s Leveson evidence on Monday, but was soon picked up by national press and has even been discussed within Court 73.

As Inforrm reported last week, this is the first Public Inquiry fully live streamed and tweeted – both in and outside the courtroom. Read the rest of this entry »