News: Leveson and phone hacking recent developments

6 11 2011

The phone hacking scandal is moving into a higher gear, with a new Culture Media and Sport  Select Committee hearing and the Leveson Inquiry evidence sessions only a few days away.  There has also been another arrest, this time of a “Sun” journalist.

We should, however, begin by mentioning the September 2011 publication of the Government Response to the Home Affairs Select Committee’s July 2011 report on “Unauthorised Tapping into or Hacking of Mobile Telephone Communications“. Read the rest of this entry »

Privacy in Australia: Some Recent Developments – Laura Sandwell

6 11 2011

Although protection of privacy in Australian law has evolved considerably since the stance taken in Victoria Park Racing and Recreation Grounds Co Ltd v Taylor that “any person is entitled to look over the plaintiff’s fence to see what goes on in the plaintiff’s land. If the plaintiff desires to prevent this, the plaintiff can erect a higher fence” ((1937) 58 CLR 479 at 494) there is currently no clear cause of action for invasion of privacy in statute or at common law. Read the rest of this entry »