Opinion: “Farewell Fourth Estate? Part 2 – The Press, the Market and Public Interest” – Julian Petley

6 10 2011

Part One of this post, was published on 5 October 2011. An earlier version of this paper appeared in the Eurozine focal point “Media Landscapes: Western Europe“.

The manner in which unregulated market forces impact upon the national daily press in Britain are almost wholly destructive of Fourth Estate principles. Let me try to explain why this is the case. Read the rest of this entry »

Self v State: The search for a model of effective press regulation – Charlie Potter

6 10 2011

Speaking on a recent edition of BBC Radio 4’s “Media Show”, Professor Roy Greenslade predicted that Lord Justice Leveson will probably recommend “some kind of statutory regulation” of the press at the end of his inquiry. After all, he reminded us, the Calcutt Report had given the press one last chance back in 1990 to show that it could be supervised effectively by a new self-regulatory complaints body (the Press Complaints Commission), failing which statutory regulation was the only alternative. Read the rest of this entry »