Opinion: “New Revelations in the Select Committee” – Charlotte Harris

11 09 2011

On Tuesday 6 September 2011, the Select Committee for Culture, Media and Sport met again to ask questions to those persons at News International who might be able to shine some light on who knew what about the phone hacking scandal and the settlements of the employment claim of Clive Goodman following his conviction in January 2007. Read the rest of this entry »

Opinion: “The Code Breakers: Part 1” – Brian Cathcart

11 09 2011

Brian CathcartJournalists are being tarnished by the activities of professional privacy invaders. It is time they were renamed and shamed.

There is a confusion at the heart of British debates about privacy. We tend to speak of journalists, of their role, their rights, their responsibilities and very often their lack of restraint and how it should be addressed. Read the rest of this entry »