Phone Hacking, Police Corruption and Media Manipulation

11 07 2011

In an extraordinary statement released today the Metropolitan Police have claimed that there is a “deliberate campaign to undermine the investigation” into allegations of corrupt payments by journalists to police officers and to “divert attention from elsewhere“.  Read the rest of this entry »

Law and Media Round Up – 11 July 2011 [Updated]

11 07 2011

In this regular feature we draw attention to the last week’s law and media news and next week’s upcoming events. If readers have any news or events which they would like to draw attention to please add them by way of comments on this post.


Six days is a long time in politics and the media.  Last week we suggested that after Super-injunction spring we had entered a quiet summer. In less than a week the English media scene appears to have changed for ever.  A classic media storm generated by a Read the rest of this entry »