Mr Justice Eady has today continued the harassment injunction granted to Cheryl Cole last month. The singer was not in the High Court today for the public hearing and, indeed, was pictured arriving at Los Angeles LAX airport last night.

Ms Cole’s counsel David Sherborne, who has successfully secured similar injunctions for individuals such as Amy Winehouse, Sienna Miller, David Walliams and Lara Stone, told the court:

The persistent conduct directed against the claimant since the beginning of this year, particularly since May, is a clear case of harassment for which there is no reasonable justification.

He also clarified a point that had been called into question by the Daily Star Sunday, who referred to the injunction as a ‘crackpot order’ that could target Cole’s fans.

The claimant is not trying to prevent any photos being taken – especially by her fans – but to stop the extreme tactics of paparazzi, which have made her life fairly intolerable.

Since legal proceedings started, the campaign has abated. Without an order though, it is clear that this campaign will resume.

In other words, the purpose of the injunction is to prevent extreme paparazzi tactics that amount to harassment, as opposed to fans taking pictures at a public event.

Eady J said he found it ‘appropriate’ to continue the order, originally granted against ‘XYZ and others’ on June 15.

Natalie Peck is a doctoral researcher at the Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism, City University London. She is @nataliepeck on Twitter.