Hacked Off: the Campaign for a public inquiry into phone hacking

6 07 2011

Hacked Off – a campaign for a full public inquiry into phone hacking – is going to be launched later today. The petition is now live at www.hackinginquiry.org. Lord Fowler, Lord Cunningham, Chris Bryant MP, Mark Lewis, Adrian Sanders MP, Professor Brian Cathcart, and Martin Moore will officially launch the campaign at the House of Lords on this evening.
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Privacy: It matters – Dominic Crossley

6 07 2011

It is not difficult to see why the Millie Dowler phone-hacking allegations have caused such a public, media and political outcry.  It exposes a practice that has no boundaries.

It was always a carefully crafted illusion that phone-hacking was limited to the other worldly politicians and celebrities. Read the rest of this entry »