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Day: 13 May 2011

News Group submit to Sienna – Dominic Crossley

Those in Mr Justice Vos’ ever lively Court 57 witnessed another bombshell today. The News of the World has capitulated entirely in the face of Sienna Miller’s claim.  It was this claim that heralded the brave new world of phone-hacking litigation and sparked the arrest of Ian Edmondson by the army of policeman deployed in operation Weeting.  It is not surprising that the News of the World should choose to settle this paradigm case, but the extent of their open admissions is truly astonishing. Continue reading

Freedom of Expression and the Right to Reputation: Human Rights in Conflict – Stijn Smet

When a court is confronted with a conflict between two human rights, their indivisibility demands that both rights are accorded a priori equal weight in the considerations of the judges. Yet, research into the conflict between freedom of expression and the right to reputation in the recent defamation case law of the European Court of Human Rights indicates that the Court engages in preferential framing when attempting to resolve the conflict. Continue reading

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