Case Law: Mosley v United Kingdom: pre-notification rejected by Strasbourg – Hugh Tomlinson QC

10 05 2011

Max Mosley has been unsuccessful in his long running campaign to compel the English press to give advance notice of threatened invasions of privacy. The Fourth Section of the Court of Human Rights today gave judgment in the case of Mosley v United Kingdom (Judgment of 10 May 2011)After a careful and detailed consideration of the relevant background and law the Court concluded that, having regard to the chilling effect of a pre-notification requirement in privacy cases and the margin of appreciation, there was no violation of Article 8.

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Telegraph reporting of family case was “unbalanced, inaccurate and just plain wrong” – Adam Wagner

10 05 2011

Re: L (A Child: Media Reporting) [2011] EWHC B8 (Fam) (18 April 2011).  The thought of being personally criticised in a reported judgment would make most lawyers break into a cold sweat. Some journalists wear such treatment as a badge of honour. But surely it is professionally embarrassing for a High Court Judge to label an article as “unbalanced, inaccurate and just plain wrong“. That was the treatment handed out by His Honour Judge Bellamy to the Telegraph’s Christopher Booker in a recent ruling. Read the rest of this entry »