What now for contemptuous tweeting and media innuendo in the privacy injunction saga? – Judith Townend

9 05 2011

As the BBC’s technology correspondent has pointed out, speculation about the identity of privacy injunction claimants has been rife on Twitter for some time. Rory Cellan-Jones tweeted:

“Rather weird that Twitter has been alive with super-injunction details for weeks – but one new account with inaccurate reports is news.”

Despite that, the Daily Mail’s front page today proclaims ‘Gagging Law: Now Fiasco on Twitter’. Read the rest of this entry »

Law and Media Round Up – 9 May 2011 [updated]

9 05 2011

Wordle: UntitledIn this regular feature we draw attention to the last week’s law and media news and next week’s upcoming events. If readers have any news or events which they would like to draw attention to please add them by way of comments on this post.


Privacy law and “gagging orders” continue to command a high degree of media attention this week.   There was the story (or perhaps non-story) about the “MP with a super-injunction”.  We have already posted about this.  There were news reports of another Read the rest of this entry »