News: Mosley v United Kingdom, judgment to be given on 10 May

29 04 2011

The Court of Human Rights will give judgment in the case of Mosley v United Kingdom on Tuesday 10 May 2011.  The application was heard on Tuesday 11 January 2011.  The central question was whether the United Kingdom had a positive obligation under Article 8 of the Convention to protect Mr Mosley’s privacy by providing for a legal duty on the News of the World to warn him in advance of publication in order to allow him to seek an injunction. Read the rest of this entry »

How the media told the phone hacking story, Part 2 – Judith Townend

29 04 2011

News International’s PR team must be thrilled that the super injunction has pushed phone hacking out of the national headlines.  More than one media commentator has suggested that the newspapers – and not just Murdoch’s – are happy to divert attention away from that particular scandal.

In part one, I examined the number of newspaper stories about phone hacking at Read the rest of this entry »