News: Solicitors from Hell – another injunction, judge urges professions to take action

24 04 2011

In a judgment given on 30 March 2011 in the case of Robins v Kordowski [2011] EWHC 981 (QB)) Mr Justice Henriques granted yet another interim injunction against Mr Rick Kordowski, the proprietor of the “Solicitors from Hell” website to prevent the continued publication of defamatory allegations against a solicitor.  The injunction was also granted against the individual who had posted the material in question, Tim Smee – who had been the opposing party in litigation in which the claimant, Mr Stephen Robins, had acted.  In the course of his judgment the judge urged the lawyers’ professional bodies to take action against the notorious website. Read the rest of this entry »

Opinion: “Gagging on Privacy” – Adam Wagner

24 04 2011

When the prime minister criticises judges, he tends to speak from his gut. The prospect of prisoners being given the vote by European judges makes him feel “physically sick”. And now, he is “a little uneasy” about the rise of “a sort of privacy law without Parliament saying so“.

David Cameron’s use of visceral language may reflect what many in the general public (as well as PR man Max Clifford) are feeling Read the rest of this entry »