UK libel reform – a view from Australia – Tom Westbrook

31 03 2011

The UK Secretary of State for Justice, Kenneth Clarke recently released his government’s Draft Defamation Bill.

The draft bill, which is accompanied by a consultation paper, proposes significant reforms to English (and Welsh) libel law that would make it more difficult to sue for defamation. Read the rest of this entry »

Libel, Blackmail and Anonymity: ZAM – the super injunction that never was

31 03 2011

An article by David Leigh in yesterday’s “Guardian” entitled “Superinjunction scores legal first for nameless financier in libel action” led to a flurry of online discussion about the case of ZAM v CFW. This is a case in which – as we discussed in a post earlier this month – Mr Justice Tugendhat granted an interim injunction to restrain the publication of defamatory allegations and also made an anonymity order.  The online interest was generated because, in his article, David Leigh wrongly described the order as a “novel extension of controversial super injunctions“.   Read the rest of this entry »