News: Reframing Libel event – papers now available

19 03 2011

In November 2010 we reported on the Reframing Libel” event at City University London.  This brought together academics, practitioners, and campaigners to discuss the future of libel reform.   We subsequently published posts based on the contributions by Razi Mireskandari (one of our most popular posts), Dominic Crossley and Hugh Tomlinson (Part 1 and Part 2).

Writing on her “Meeja law” blog journalist and researcher Judith Townend (who was involved in the organisation of the event) reports that,  to coincide with the government’s publication of the Draft Defamation Bill, the Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism at City University London has made digital papers available here. Read the rest of this entry »

Opinion: “The Government’s Defamation Bill – Insufficiently radical?” Part 2 – Alastair Mullis

19 03 2011

This is second part of Alastair Mullis’ study of the Draft Defamation BillPart 1 was posted on 18 March 2011.  In this post he considers the provisions of Clauses 3 to 9 of the Bill.

Clause 3 – Truth

Clause 3 replaces the existing common law defence of justification with a new statutory defence of truth. Subsection (1) restates the existing law in providing that ‘It is a defence … for the defendant to show that the imputation conveyed by the statement complained of is substantially true.’ Read the rest of this entry »