News: Phone Hacking – Metropolitan Police Authority meeting and other developments [updated]

22 02 2011

On 26 January 2011 the Metropolitan Police announced a new  investigation into phone hacking – Operation Weeting.   This is under the “Specialist Crime Directorate”  and is headed by Deputy Assistant Commissioner Sue Akers.  Over the last two weeks she has been meeting victims and their lawyers and making it clear that a number of previous statements about “no evidence” were incorrect.  Read the rest of this entry »

Balancing Reputation Rights and Freedom of Speech in the 21st Century: Part 1 – Judith Gibson

22 02 2011

Should internet publications be subject to pre-suit resolution? What about a US-style Federal Appeals Court to review all freedom of speech of decisions? New South Wales District Court Judge Judith Gibson argues the case for reform in a paper she delivered on 29 November 2010 to the Intellectual Property, Media and Communications Law Roundtable held at UTS.  The paper originally published by the Gazette of Law and Journalism  Part 2 of the paper will be published later in the week.


2010 has been a significant year for discussion of defamation law reform in common law countries and in the European Union. In England, discussion has been dominated by the House of Commons report [1] and Lord Lester’s law reform bill [2]. Read the rest of this entry »