News: Phone Hacking – a long war through the courts?

12 02 2011

In another of his series of interesting “Metgate” posts on the “Index on Censorship” blog, Professor Brian Cathcart asks  “Is Murdoch ready for a long war in the courts?”  He begins with a question, “If, as seems more and more likely, Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World hacked into the voicemail messages of the deputy prime minister of this country, what should be done about it?”  He suggests that although people may have shrugged off the bugging of celebrities “bugging the country’s elected leaders is a gross affront to democracy and a threat to national security“. Read the rest of this entry »

Revisited and Revised: A Human Right to Internet Access?

12 02 2011

In this feature we revisit older posts which remain of current interest. In this updated post  from May 2010 we consider the “human right to internet access”.

At an early stage of the street protests the Egyptian government  cut off almost all Internet and cell service.  It has been suggested that young activists in in Egypt, in Tunisia and elsewhere in the Middle East, have used these electronic tools to organize protests.  This has led a number of commentators to revisit the question as to whether the right to access the Internet and other electronic media is becoming a new human right. Read the rest of this entry »