News: Metropolitan Police phone hacking update and more victims

9 02 2011

The Metropolitan Police has today provided a news briefing updating the position in relation to its new phone hacking investigation “Operation Weeting”.   The briefing makes clear that investigators have identified “some individuals who were previously advised that there was little or no information” held by the police relating to them.  The position of these individuals is being reviewed.

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“No religion in court please” – Adam Wagner

9 02 2011
In the commotion surrounding the Christian hotel gay discrimination case, it is easy to forget that there is a long-standing principle that English courts will not decide matters of religious doctrine. This principle has been in play in a run of recent cases involving an Indian holy man and libel claims against journalists.

The most recent case was brought by Dajid Singh Shergill, a UK-based Sikh activist suing the Panjab Times in relation to 3 articles published in the summer 2008, relating to His Holiness Sant Baba Jeet Singh Ji Maharaj (Jeet Singh), an Indian based preacher. Read the rest of this entry »

Revisited and Revised: Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Information: Part 3 English Law – Hugh Tomlinson QC

9 02 2011

In this feature we revisit older posts which remain of current interest. In this updated series of posts from May 2010 Hugh Tomlinson QC considers the relationship between freedom of expression and freedom of information in European, international and domestic law.  Part 1  was posted on 5 February and Part 2 on 6 February.

The Strasbourg and international case law shows that that the right to freedom of information can now properly be described as a “human right” – an essential aspect of the right to freedom of expression.  This is understandable, both in terms of the standard formulation of freedom of expression as including a right to “receive” information and in practical terms. Read the rest of this entry »