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Day: 30 January 2011

Libel Reform in Jamaica – Joint Select Committee Report Approved

The process of libel reform in Jamaica is moving slowly forward.  In August 2010 we posted about the report of the Committee chaired by Mr Justice Small which had been published in 2008 and was then before a Joint Select Committee.  This considered the Small Report for over two years and received evidence and submissions, including a visit from our own Mark Stephens (reported here). Continue reading

The Future of the Press: John Lanchester’s LRB piece on newspapers

In a thought provoking piece in the “London Review of Books” entitled “Let us Pay” John Lanchester discusses the future of the newspaper industry.    The economic problems are obvious.  He points out that between 2004 and 2009, the US newspaper industry lost 34 per cent of its readers; the UK industry lost 22 per cent.  Things have got worse since.  At the same time advertising revenue is falling at an alarming rate – in particular, classified ads which Mr Lanchester describes as “the secret weapon of the newspaper business“.  Continue reading

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