Politics and Private Life: the resignation of Alan Johnson [updated]

21 01 2011

A senior politician resigns over what he described as “personal issues in my private life”.  It is not suggested that these issues give rise to any “public interest” but the following day the press headlines tell millions of readers what the issues are.  The individuals whose private lives are involved have not given consent.    This is, in essence, the Alan Johnson story.  Have the newspapers and broadcaster who have set out the “personal  issues” for their readers acted responsibly and in accordance with the PCC Code?

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Super-injunctions: an update – Keith Mathieson

21 01 2011

Super-injunctions are injunctions that prevent publication of the fact that the court has made an injunction. It is now clear that they will be granted only in those rare cases where publication of the order would frustrate the very purpose of the order or where there is some other unusual and compelling reason. Read the rest of this entry »

Matrix Media Update – 21 January 2011

21 01 2011

This is a Media Law Update covering the last week prepared by the Legal Information Team at Matrix Chambers, which they have kindly agreed to make available to readers of Inforrm.

Latest Cases

Woodbridge v Stapleton, QBD – 20 Jan 2011, Mackay J (5RB Case Report).  Libel action in respect of 5 letters copied to 8 fellow shareholders.  Defence of qualified privilege and, in respect of some letters, justification.  Plea of malice by C.  D applied for summary judgment and/or strike out in respect of C’s plea of malice strike out on Jameel principles.  No evidence that C’s reputation had suffered any actual damage.  Held.  Summary judgment granted and claim struck out as an abuse of the process. Read the rest of this entry »