News: Court of Appeal hearing in JIH v News Group

14 01 2011

The appeal in the case JIH v News Group Newspapers ([2010] EWHC 2818 (QB)) was heard today by the Master of the Rolls, Lord Justice Maurice Kay and Lady Justice Smith.  We have already blogged about this decision which was a judgment handed down on 5 November  2010 following an application for a consent order in a privacy action. Although the parties agreed, as part of the terms of settlement, to a continuation of the anonymity provisions already granted, the judge declined to continue the anonymity order. Read the rest of this entry »

Opinion: “Libel and the public – we’re all publishers now” – Judith Townend

14 01 2011

We're all publishers nowLibeJudith Townendl law isn’t on the National Curriculum, but it’s something that will become increasingly relevant to UK citizens, whatever their educational or training background. That’s because more and more of us are publishers now, whether through email groups, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts or blogs. Defamation is a tricky part of English law anyway, made even more complicated by online technology. Read the rest of this entry »

Opinion: “Libel Success Fees: Myth, Reality and Justice Denied” – Steven Heffer

14 01 2011

I will begin with the myth.  Claimant libel lawyers win almost every libel case they bring and charge double their fees which must be paid by the Defendant, usually a media organisation.

The reality is very different as I will go on to explain.


Prior to 1995 conditional fee agreements (CFAs) were unlawful and contrary to public policy.  CFAs were first made enforceable under the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990, brought into effect in 1995.  Read the rest of this entry »