Strasbourg Hearing: Mosley v United Kingdom – Edward Craven

13 01 2011

On Tuesday the Fourth Section of the European Court of Human Rights heard the application in the case of Mosley v United Kingdom. At the hearing oral submissions were presented by Lord Pannick QC on behalf of the applicant, Mr Max Mosley, and by James Eadie QC on behalf of the United Kingdom government. In addition, the Court also received written submissions from the parties and from Geoffrey Robertson QC, Heather Rogers QC and Lord Lester QC on behalf of various media interveners. Read the rest of this entry »

Mosley v United Kingdom – Lord Pannick’s Speech to the Court of Human Rights

13 01 2011

Mr President, members of the Court:

The News of the World newspaper sells about 2.8 million copies on an average Sunday, and it is read by about 15% of the adult population of the United Kingdom.

It trades in buying and then selling the intimate sexual secrets of the rich and famous. Read the rest of this entry »