Opinion: “What’s to stop the press ‘monstering’ the next Jo Yeates suspect?” – Martin Moore

7 01 2011

Christopher Jefferies, arrested last week and questioned about the murder of Bristol landscape architect Jo Yeates, expects to be cleared of any involvement in her murder within days, it has been reported. The police can find no evidence or motive connecting him to her murder.

Yet only a week ago, as soon as he was arrested, Jefferies was presumed guilty by many media outlets. ‘Weird, posh, lewd, creepy’, The Sun called him, before quoting Read the rest of this entry »

The Strange Decline of the English Defamation Trial

7 01 2011

As we noted in our recent round up of “Defamation Trials, Summary Determinations and Assessments” there were only four defamation trials in 2010 – with one still awaiting judgment.  All these trials were by judge alone and none involved English media defendants.  The number of defamation trials has been slowly declining for many years.  Read the rest of this entry »