Media and the Law on Twitter [updated]

30 11 2010

We have previously posted on “Blogging the Law in the UK” and on “Blogging the Media“.  Twitter is another important source of legal and media information.   There are large number of lawyers who tweet.  The US website Justia has hundreds of “Legal Birds” – Legal Professionals on Twitter.  We have recently added a list of “Law and Media Tweets” to the right hand side of the Inforrm home page and we would like to draw the attention of readers unfamiliar with Twitter to some of these.  Read the rest of this entry »

Opinion: “Responsible Reporting and the Human Rights Act” – Adam Wagner

30 11 2010

It has been widely reported that Learco Chindamo, who was convicted of killing headmaster Philip Lawrence in 1995, has been rearrested only months after being released from jail. The story has reopened a debate over the Human Rights Act, on the basis that it prevented Chindamo from being deported to his native Italy. But did it?

In fact, what the case really highlights is that the unpopularity of the Human Rights Act is in part due to inaccurate media reporting of human rights cases, even 10 years after it came into force. Read the rest of this entry »