Opinion: “Sleepwaking into an obscene damages award” – Eoin O’Dell

21 11 2010

Kenmare ResourcesObscene. Once I had caught my breath, and collected my composure, this was my immediate reaction to learning that an Irish High Court Jury had awarded €10 million in libel damages, made up of €9 million in compensatory damages and €1 million in aggravated damages.

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Inforrm – Table of Recent Cases Updated

21 11 2010

The Inforrm Table of Recent Cases is designed to be a useful resource to those who want to keep up to date with the latest media and freedom of expression cases.  We try to cover all the cases in England and Wales with the most relevant ones from Strasbourg and from other jurisdictions where decisions have some influence on the approach of the domestic courts.   In addition to having the links to the cases – usually from the invaluable Bailii Legal Information site – we also have links to our Case Comments and other relevant blog posts from Inforrm. Read the rest of this entry »