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Day: 19 November 2010

Opinion: “Reframing Libel Costs – Another Perspective” – Keith Mathieson

My first response to Razi Mireskandari’s paper on reframing the costs of libel was to reflect that some useful reframing might be achieved if Razi were to reduce his own charging rate from the £600 an hour (plus VAT) he is seeking to recover from two of my newspaper clients he is currently acting against.  That scenario being somewhat unlikely, it may be more useful if I address some of his observations on costs as well as his suggestions for reform. Continue reading

Matrix Media Law Update – 19 November 2010

This is a Media Law Update covering the last week prepared by the Legal Information Team at Matrix Chambers, which they have kindly agreed to make available to readers of Inforrm.

Latest Cases

Ntuli v Donald [2010] EWCA Civ 1276.  CA (Civ Div) – 12 Nov 2010. The appellant appealed against an interim injunction restraining her from publishing certain information about her former relationship with the respondent and also from publishing the existence of the injunction. The appellant argued that the judge had erred in his analysis of the competing factors in the balance between the respondent’s right to privacy and her right to free expression. Continue reading

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