Case Law: JIH v News Group – Removing Anonymity in Privacy Cases: Mark Thomson

6 11 2010

On 5 November 2010 Mr Justice Tugendhat handed down judgment in JIH v News Group Newspapers ([2010] EWHC 2818 (QB)) another privacy injunction case about anonymity.  Following his recent decision in Gray v UVW ([2010] EWHC 2367 (QB)), he again decided that, despite the parties having agreed a consent order including anonymity, the interests of the public required that the claimant be named.   He also made a “DFT Order” limiting publicity about the case to information in his public judgment.  The name of claimant has, however, not yet been made public because the judge ordered that his identity should not be disclosed pending any application to appeal against his ruling, which had to be lodged by 19 November 2010. Read the rest of this entry »