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Day: 4 November 2010

Speeches: Lord Neuberger on Privacy and Parliament

Since his appointment as Master of the Rolls Lord Neuberger has given a series of illuminating speeches on a wide range of legal topics – available on the Judiciary Website. The latest of these is his Hong Kong University Common Law Lecture, with the slightly paradoxical title Has Equity Had Its Day?.  It includes an interesting commentary on the development of the law of equity and the relationship with the common law and the development of law by judges. Continue reading

Matrix Media Law Update – 4 November 2010

This is a Media Law Update covering the last week prepared by the Legal Information Team at Matrix Chambers, which they have kindly agreed to make available to readers of Inforrm.

Gillberg v Sweden (App No. 41723/06), ECtHR – 2 Nov 2010, Professor’s criminal conviction for refusal to hand over research on hyperactive children was justified – ECHR, arts 8, 10. In relation to art 10, the Court accepted that some professional groups might have a legitimate interest in protecting professional secrecy as regards clients or sources. Continue reading

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