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Day: 8 July 2010

Lord Lester’s Defamation Bill – some criticisms and a proposal

Lord Lester’s Defamation Bill is due for its Second Reading on 9 July 2010.   The Bill sets out to provide a partial codification of the defences to libel actions.  Some solid work has gone into the drafting of the bill but it is not comprehensive and proceeds on the (unstated) assumption that all the traditional elements of the tort of libel remain in place.  The aim of this post is not to provide a detailed examination of the Bill.  Professor Mullis and Dr Scott have considered it in some detail in their post and even more comprehensively in their draft paper.  Our purpose is more limited: we will mention two general criticisms and make a proposal as to the way forward.   Continue reading

Matrix Media Law Update, 8 July 2010

This is a weekly Media Law Update prepared by the Legal Information Team at Matrix Chambers, which they have kindly agreed to make available to readers of Inforrm.

Latest Cases

Gözel & Özer v. Turkey  (App Nos. 43453/04 & 31098/05), ECtHR – 6 Jul 2010,  Virtually automatic convictions of the media for publication of texts by banned organisations breached ECHR, arts 6, 10.  For ECtHR press release, click here. (judgment available in French only) Continue reading

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