Sex, Privacy and Public Interest

22 06 2010

This weekend has seen yet more revelations of affairs in the tabloid newspapers, the most prominent being the coverage of the break up of the marriage of Lib-Dem cabinet minister, Chris Huhne.   The story was broken by The People which included detailed and intrusive material and photographs.  After the event, a number of allegations of “hypocrisy” have been made to justify the intrusion.  Richard Littlejohn has a characteristically sensitive and balanced piece in the “Daily Mail”.  Charlie Beckett has posted an interesting piece on this issue. Read the rest of this entry »

“Libel and Privacy – an overview of the issues” – Gavin Phillipson

22 06 2010

This is the presentation given by Professor Gavin Phillipson introducing the Westminster Policy Forum “Libel & privacy law ‐ challenges for reform” on 15 June 2010It is reproduced with permission and thanks.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to speak today and mean to use this brief paper to highlight what I think are the key issues now in relation to both libel and privacy law. I will take privacy first then and make five brief points. Read the rest of this entry »