CFAs and Defamation Proceedings – the Government’s view

21 06 2010

The vexed issue of Conditional Fee Agreements in defamation cases has been discussed on this blog on a number of occasions.  The history of the last Government’s attempts to reduce the maximum success fee to 10% was discussed by Justin Rushbrooke in a recent postRead the rest of this entry »

“Fiddes v Channel 4 Television Corporation: It’s all over” – Anna Caddick

21 06 2010

The much hyped case of Fiddes v Channel 4 has this morning reached a surprising conclusion with a short statement in open court. At 10.30 a.m, Adrienne Page QC for the Defendants announced before Mr Justice Tugendhat that “the Claimant publically acknowledges that the programme was not faked as previously alleged. The Claimant also withdraws the allegations of malice”.

The statement is no doubt the result of intense negotiations between M LAW (for the Claimant) and Aslan Charles Kousetta (for the Defendants) and is probably more interesting for what it doesn’t say than the little it does. Read the rest of this entry »

Mosley Strasbourg Application – the documents

21 06 2010

Max Mosley’s application to the Court of Human Rights seeking a determination that there is an Article 8 right to be notified of privacy stories which they intend to publish remains in the news.  Last week LSE academic Andrew Scott made available a paper challenging the intellectual basis of the application.

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