Revisited and Updated: Strasbourg on Privacy and Reputation: Part 2 “A right to reputation?”

19 06 2010

In this feature we revisit some older posts which are still of current interest.  In the second part of this three part series, first posted in March 2010, Hugh Tomlinson QC looks at the development of the “right to reputation” in the case law of the European Court of Human Rights. Part One of the post is here


In contrast to many other international human rights instruments the Convention provides no express “right to reputation.”   Article 8 was modeled on Article 12 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights which provides “No one shall be subject to … attacks upon his honour and reputation”.  It had been decided to leave these words out of the Convention (see the Report on the Travaux Preparatoires) – it is not clear why this was done but it was not the subject of any substantial debate. Read the rest of this entry »