US Freedom of Expression and Media Law Round up 15 June 2010

15 06 2010

The US District Court in San Diego has ruled that the city’s anti-nudity ordinance did not violate the First Amendment Rights of the intended participants in the San Diego Naked Bicycle Ride which was intended to protest against petroleum-based technology.  In her brief to the court the organiser Sarah Bush’s lawyer’s contended  “The Plaintiff Is Entitled To Strip Naked, Paint Her Body With Political Slogans and Protest Important Public Issues.”  This argument was rejected.  The judge held that

“Nudity has the potential to amplify that message only because it naturally amplifies any message by attracting attention and publicity. Plaintiff’s message is otherwise old hat. Plaintiff isn’t likely to prevail on her claim that the ordinance violates her rights under the First Amendment.” Read the rest of this entry »