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Day: 2 June 2010

Opinion: “Counting the Cost of Libel Reform” – Zoe Margolis

Libel reform is overdue, but my case showed me limiting the percentage of costs lawyers receive would be a step backward

On 7 March 2010, I wrote a comment piece for the Independent on Sunday. Coinciding with the publication of my second book, Girl With a One Track Mind: Exposed, my article argued that sexism and stigma are still prevalent in how female sexuality is portrayed in the media, and that these old-fashioned stereotypes need to be challenged. Continue reading

Lord Lester and the Libel Reform Campaign: we need mature debate

The publication of Lord Lester’s Defamation Bill is intended to contribute to the “Libel Reform Debate”.   At Inforrm we take the view that this is a proper debate to be had, with important points to be made on both sides.  However, as we have said on a number of previous occasions (for example, here), the debate is not advanced by attacking those with opposing views as being naive or self interested.  Readers of this blog and of the press coverage of libel reform issues will know the positions only too well.   The “libel reformers” get the large majority of positive press coverage.  From that side, the most common caricature is of anyone who opposes the libel reform agenda as being a greedy, self-interested, claimant lawyer, intent on preserving massive libel fees.  On the other side, proponents of libel reform are sometimes described as naive tools of media self-interest who have failed to understand the careful balancing required in a viable libel law. Continue reading

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