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Day: 29 April 2010

Lectures: Lord Neuberger on the balance between privacy and freedom of expression

In a lecture  given last night to the Eton College Law Society – in the “Election Hall” – the Master of the Rolls, Lord Neuberger dealt with the topic of “Privacy and Freedom of Expression: A Delicate Balance”.   The topic is one which is central to our concerns at Inforrm and this lecture is a very good opportunity to look at the approach of the most senior civil judge in England and Wales to this topic.

Lord Neuberger begins by pointing out the vital role of a free press in ensuring that “hidden truth is brought to light” and those in authority are held to account ([3]).   Continue reading

Revisited: Opinion: “Privacy – the way ahead? Part 2 – Background to the New Law”

In this feature we revisit some older posts which may still be of current interest.  This was first posted on 24 February 2010. It is the second part of three part post in which Hugh Tomlinson QC considers the future of the law of privacy.  In this Part he looks at the background to the new law of privacy


The “new law of privacy” has not been uncontroversial.  With characteristic restraint the commentator Melanie Phillips has described the process in these terms:

“Driven by a deep loathing of the popular press, the judges have long been itching to bring in a privacy law by the back door. Thus free speech is to be made conditional on the prejudices of the judiciary …” (Melanie Phillips, “The law of human wrongs”, Daily Mail, 6 December 2006

Continue reading

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