Social Media Use – A “Counter”

25 04 2010

The Law Librarian Blog draws attention to a remarkable “Counter” for Social Media use, devised by Gary Hayes and showing the amount of social media activity taking place at any given moment.  The Counter can be found at the bottom of this post.   There are tabs along the top of the graphic providing figures for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly social media use.  The Counter shows the extraordinary levels of activities on blogs, You Tube, Facebook and Twitter.  Read the rest of this entry »

Revisited: Freedom of Expression, Pornography and the Literary Heritage

25 04 2010

In this feature we revisit some older posts which may still be of current interest.  This was first posted on 27 February 2010

In an interesting potentially important freedom of expression judgment the Court of Human Rights has held that, when a literary work becomes part of the “European cultural heritage” it will be a violation of Article 10 to ban its publication, however offensive it is to local sensibilities.  The case is the subject of a posting on the extremely useful ECHR blog here. Read the rest of this entry »