Rise of the superinjunction: libel, privacy and press freedom under fire in the UK [updated]

15 04 2010

On Tuesday 13 April 2010, the Frontline Club organised an event under the title “Rise of the super injunction: libel, privacy and press freedom under fire in the UK” (with no question mark).  The discussion was chaired by the BBC’s Clive Coleman, and on the panel were (in alphabetical order) David Hooper (Partner in Reynolds Porter Chamberlain), David Leigh (Guardian Investigations Editor), Simon Singh (Science Writer) and Nigel Tait (Partner in Carter-Ruck).  The event was recorded on video and can be seen in full here.

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Opinion: “The chill on scientific debate: could an old solution be re-heated?” Godwin Busuttil

15 04 2010

In June 1971 the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Advocate appointed a Committee “to consider whether, in the light of the working of the Defamation Act 1952, any changes are desirable in the law, practice and procedure relating to actions for defamation”.  The Report produced by this Committee on Defamation, which came to be known as the Faulks Committee after its chairman Mr Justice Faulks, was presented to Parliament in March 1975.

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